CRYP:Re-Imagined - The Past, Present and What Comes Next

In 2017, an anonymous group known as the "CrypticCoin Foundation" created a coin with the belief that anyone should be able to transfer coins safely and securely. Unfortunately, things were not meant to be and many mistakes were made.

As of 2022, the CrypticCoin Foundation (CCF) is now under new leadership, with a new set of goals designed to return the peoples' trust in the coin's vision:


No more secret teams, no more secret code and no more hidden deadlines. The CCF has a new goal of being fully transparent regarding what is next, including a strong roadmap to hold the team accountable and a strong vision of the future (ETA Q3/22)


Owners of any coin should feel 100% safe and secure knowing that the CCF team has their backs and is working in their best interest at all times.

Starting Fresh

We plan to rebuild the blockchain from scratch with brand-new state-of-the-art economics and with a proper distribution of coins. There will once again be one coin for every person on Earth (much like the original vision) but this time more will be given to the people.

  • The original, promised, FCO (free coin offering) will be reinstated with an actual plan.
  • All developer and CCF owned coins will be stored publicly and available so that anyone can see where those coins are.
  • All members of CCF will be required to agree upon a schedule in which they will receive any promotional/payment coins and will not be able to sell coins without the approval of the foundation and advance notice to the public. 
  • The coin will be built with actual utility in mind: Use in payment platforms, Prize money for gaming platforms, Charity/Philanthropical uses, etc.

Support for Miners

CRYP will once again be fully mineable using any GPU. Mining pools will be reinstated once the blockchain has been refreshed. All data related to mining pools, hash-rate percentages, etc. will all be publicly available on this site. 

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